About Ayestí

Adrian Thomas Townsel

Adrian Thomas Townsel, born March 2, 2000, better known as “Ayestí” is an American Hip-Hop artist and Music marketer born in Lima, Ohio. Ayestí has always prided himself as an artist, rather than a rapper. With heavy influences of Juice WRLD he combines a mixture of storytelling, complex melodies, and catchy lyrics in each song.

In January 2021, Ayestí made headlines on CBS and Fox-affiliated news stations with his first single of the year “Mind Games” surpassing 10,000 streams in just a month’s time. In 2020, “Martian” became a fan favorite, being featured on thousands of playlist and popular YouTube channels “Royal Vibes” and “SauceOnly”

Before making music, Adrian was a competitive “Madden NFL” gamer and honor roll student in Ohio. He always made songs with local artist, “SpaceBoii”, but never took the time to go to the studio and record professionally. Late in his high school years, SpaceBoii unfortunately took his own life (RIP). Using the apps SpaceBoii used to make music, Ayestí released an “Uber Everywhere” remix.

Now, Ayestí pulls all genres and all influences and strives to throw hints of some of his all time favorites in each song such as Boys Like Girls, Big Sean, ASAP Rocky and more

Message from Ayestí

“I make whatever I want, I might be a country artist someday!”




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